• Broad Spectrum SPF55
  • Full Protection of UVB +UBA (short & long wave)
  • A light spray convenient application  
  • Protect against  UVA & UVB damage  
  • Uses synergistic ingredients to gain high SPF levels  

Zinc oxide is known for its noncomedogenic and antimicrobial properties. This can help to enhance wound healing. Zinc Oxide is the only sunscreen active ingredient that’s been tested and FDA approved for use on babies

under 6 months of age and children – this illustrates its high degree of safety.

Octinoxate and Oxybenzone are natural sunscreen actives that both coat the skin and absorb harmful UV rays diminishing UV damage and skin penetration.  

Additional Ingredients  Aloe Vera Extract and Sunflower Oil help to soothe the skin.

After long periods of sun exposure, the skin often becomes red, irritated and dry.  

Aloe Vera  helps the skin to retain moisture  and decrease  irritation and inflammation. 

Sunflower oil help skin nourishment complex with its Vitamin E potency.  

Ultimate Sunscreen Lotion

How to choose Sunscreen Lotion

  • Traditional sunscreen protect you against UVB
  • Better sunscreen protect you against UVB + UVA (short wave)
  • Best sunscreen protect you against UVB +UVA (short & long wave)

ISO 22716 certified/ GMP compliant / FDA registered manufacturing in USA

Active Ingredients

Titanium Dioxide is an excellent sunscreen active for its high refractive index and  physical screening property. Octinoxate and

 Oxybenzone are natural sunscreen actives that both coat the skin and absorb harmful UV rays, diminishing UV damage and 

skin penetration.  

Achieving optimum SPF performance requires the active ingredients to be distributed as evenly as possible over the surface 

of the skin. The translucent film forming properties that these active ingredients provide and the nature of the spray formulation

 are very important. It allows for a light sunscreen layer to be evenly distributed over a widespread  surface area in a quick and 

convenient manner.  

​In addition to improving the spectral coverage and skin coverage, there is an increase in UV path length.  The Titanium Dioxide

scatters the UV light from its reflective particles, which increases the path length for the UV light to traverse over the sunscreen layer.  This increases the span at which the organic Octinoxate and Oxybenzone absorb UV  light, increasing the total efficacy of the sunscreen.  

A sunscreen spray is appealing, thanks to its quick application time, wide coverage and transparent coating. 

Spray’s are convenient and don’t streak nor require tedious smearing and rubbing into the skin. There’s also no reason 

to sacrifice efficiency to gain these satisfying benefits, especially when formulated with scientific and carefully selected


Bella's EZ-Go Sunscreen Spray SPF29 is a well-balanced formula, perfectly constructed 
to meet both the accommodation

and performance necessary for a high quality sunscreen spray.  Using micronized Titanium Dioxide, in conjunction with

Octinoxate and Oxybenzone to refract and absorb harmful UV rays, this remarkable sunscreen’s ingredients work synergistically to provide excellent protection.  

The Titanium Dioxide’s high refractive index helps defect & scatter light particles over a greater surface area, increasing 

the extent of Octinoxate and Oxybenzone UV absorption capabilities. This ensures that your skin stays protected and safer

for an extended duration while you spend more time enjoying the outdoors, and less time applying sunscreen or worrying 

about the sun.  


​​EZ-Go Sunscreen Spray​  SPF 29

Bella's Ultimate Sunscreen Lotion Broad spectrum SPF55 is a powerful and water resistant sun defense formula providing a lend of high performing sun defense actives and soothing extracts. 


Active Ingredient:  Zinc Oxide (non-nano) ​supplies the skin 

with a physical barrier filtering out UV rays from penetrating 

the skin and causing cell damage. The sun’s UV rays, pollution,

harsh weather, dry air, bacteria, viruses, chemicals in skin care

products, stress, and lack of exercise can all damage skin on a

daily basis. The skin has natural regenerative powers to repair

minor wounds, injuries and free radical damage etc. but these

processes require zinc to operate optimally. Without it, repair

can fall behind. 

Titanium Dioxide is a powerful UV refracting ingredient that works well in spreading light over a wide area.