Moisture replenishment, the very core step to restore the beauty

and reveal healthy looking of skin.

Bella Masque Bio' s supreme "Hydrating Moisture Revitalizer" Hyaluronic Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask intensively hydrate dermal layers and transform skin from dryness to soothing, 
softness and

energizing instantly with 20-minute application. With continued weekly application,  provide anti-oxidant protection and improve  skin texture,  tone  and radiance to reveal healthier-looking.

​​​Brightening Anti-Aging Perfector  

Activate the  Secret Code of Beauty  instantly

​* ​​100% Lab-fermented Cellulose 

* 100%  Seamless Skin Touch  

* 90%+  Instant Dermal Acting

Hydrating Moisture Revitalizer

* N​ANO Micro 3D Mask Structure

* 200 times+  Moisturizing Efficiency  

* 7 times+  Brightening Effectiveness

A clarifying, brightening, smooth and firm skin resurface the youth

and redefine the age. 

Bella Masque Bio's supreme "Brightening

Anti-aging Perfector" Hyaluronic Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask instantly 

revitalizes dermal layers and leave skin a smooth, soft, firm, hydrated

and radiant looking with 20-minute application.

With continued weekly application, enhance the overall skin radiance/ firming/ lifting and improve dark spot, tone and texture.   


* superior hypoallergenic

* seamless adherence to face

* mega absorbing capability

* great air permeability

The bacterial cellulose technology has been widely applied to medical use due to its high bio compatibility more than 20 years; known as artificial blood vessels and derma.

Cellulose masks obtained from natural sources such as bacteria are of interest as cosmetic devices for the treatment of dry skin because they not only improve hydration of the skin, but have low toxicity and are biodegradable. 
( resources from NCBI - US  National Center for Biotechnology Information /  NLM - US 
National Library of Medicine, referred to " Medical Devices: Evidence and Research" published by DovePress Journal, June 22nd, 2011; research article 1.pdf)

Nowadays, only very high-end skincare brand adopted this technology to sheet mask products due to higher cost.  However, the advantages and performance of Bio-Cellulose facial mask  ( if 100% real fermented bacterial in laboratory ) are remarkable if compared with the other mask materials.

About Bio-Cellulose