ResQ 3:

* Inhibits 5α-reductase and the conversion of Testosterone into DHT

* Focus on Androgenic Alopecia Hair Loss symptom

* Strengthens the Extra Cellular Matrix Proteins             

* Anchors the hair more solid.

* Reduces inflammation and pressure on hair follicles

* Regulates the hair cycle for an increased hair growth stage

  ​​​  Dull Dry/ Damaged Hair

Hair Loss Revival

* Boost the pigmentation in hair through Melanin synthesis

* Enhance skin and scalp’s capability of producing Melanin

* Induce Tyrosinase in order to create melanin

* Restore a youthful appearance

Argan Elixir

ResQ 1:

ISO 22716 certified/ GMP compliant / FDA registered manufacturing in USA

Groundbreaking Neurodermatology 

 Restore the youth look healthier

* Excellent hair treatment with rich Vitamin E

* Excellent hair moisturizer for scalp to fight dandruff 

* Repair the Damage from chemical treatment and dyes

* Add extra shine and soften the hair

* Excellent Leave-in Conditioner without any greasy residue


ResQ 2:

    Gray Hair Transformer