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James  Chiu (also known as Cheng-Hung Chiu) is one of the most reputable and leading expertise in the world who dedicates himself in the Beauty area of Healthy Dietary, Cosmetic Surgery, Anti-aging Medicine. 

His efforts and achievements have been recognized globally. He received lots awards and also invitation as keynote speaker and reviewers. Nowadays, James is the most popular and successful Cosmetic Surgeon and Dietitian in Asia. His best sellers like " 101 Tips to Lose Weight ", "  Slim for Whole Life " and " Guide to Perfection - before your Cosmetic Surgery " etc.. all with revolutionary and scientific aspects impressively. Millions people are benefitted from those advices and enjoy the ease of how to achieve their goal. Soon, all of these valuable works will be released by our Biotech - Beauty & Body Care business group in America and Europe.

We are so proud to have James join MIT TECH GROUP and we believe, with his participation and profession, more great products development can be highly anticipated.

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Recent Activities:
1. Reviewer of Journal of Diabetes & Obesity/ Ommega Journals (US), 2016
2. Article released on JPRAS 2015 (International Journal of Surgical Reconstruction)
​3. Article released on JPRAS 2016 (International Journal of Surgical Reconstruction)
4. Keynote speaker for BIT's 9th World Congress of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell- 2016 (Korea)
5 .Reviewer of Journal of The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Europe), 2016

Dr. James Chiu

  • The Most Influential Health professionals, 2016
  • Leading professional of the World, 2014
  • Lifetime Medical Achievement of anti-aging medicine and cosmetic surgery