* FabLash is completely hormone free to be used by everyone.​      

No Harmful side effects.

* Clinically proven result as good as market products which with hormones (prostaglandin derivatives)




* ​​​​​​​​100% hormone-free treatment

* Innovation Peptide Technology

* Grow your eyelash longer, thicker and healthier​

​* Improves  hair  follicle  anchorage 

​* Beautify, strengthen and thicken eyelash  without  side effects

* No adding Prostaglandin, everyone can use it without concern

​​​​Panthenol and Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, clinically tested and patent pending formula which together help

eyelashes appear longer, fuller and stronger. Tripeptide GHK, which is naturally found in the human  body, has been known  to help promote the wound-healing process.  

Study participants  report  lashes  that  have  3  times  more  volume  in as little as  15  days.  An  increase  

of  length  between  17%  and  43% hasbeen  reported,  and  an  increase  in  diameter  has  been reported  

ranging  from  19%  up  to  40%.     

    longer       thicker       fuller

Hormone formula containing Prostaglandin which  is not recommended for women under 16, pregnant or during

chemotherapy. Prostaglandin  may even cause brittle lashes, eye irritation, eye pain and change of eye color,  when used 

over a long period  of  time.

Active Ingredients