* Anti-inflammatory: Use 100% pure Argan oil on cuts and bruises for quick chemical free relief! 


​* The linoleic acid contained in Argan oil helps keep the skin naturally healthy and reduce inflammation from acne as well as infections, rashes and insect bites.​


​* Relieve your skin from damaged dry and sun burnt conditions


* Smooth wrinkles away naturally!


* Improve the skin’s elasticity and prevent or diminish those unsightly stretch marks


​* Recover your hair from lacking of shine and dry!


* Strengthen your nails with a natural lasting shine!

Argan oil in Morocco is sold as a luxury item. 

Argan oil is extracted from the nut kernels of the Argan tree which is native to Morocco. The oil has been extracted for many years and used to treat wounds, rashes and to nourish the skin.

Argan oil is full of antioxidants and contains vitamins A & E,  linoleic and omega 6 fatty acids.  The oil contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids, is rich in essential fatty acids, and is more resistant to oxidation than olive oil. The unroasted oil is traditionally used as a treatment for skin diseases,  it heals, hydrates, revitalizes and so to achieve excellent anti-aging purpose.

Argan oil is a very effective moisturizer to be absorbed so thoroughly and quickly by the skin, it leaves no oily residue.That makes Argan oil a perfect tonic for your skin, hair, lips and nails.​

Argan ElixirOriginal 


Argan Elixirde Flore 

  • 100% pure Argan oil 
  • organic certified
  • cold pressed 
  • highest quality 



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